Meze Menu 15


Assorted hot and cold meze - Minimum of 2 people

Selection of Cold & Hot Meze

served with homemade Anatolian bread

  • HUMUS (HOUMOUS) Suitable for Vegetarians HUMUS (Houmous) Pureed chickpeas with tahini, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice
  • CACIK (TZATZIKI) Suitable for Vegetarians CACIK (Tzatziki) Anatolian village style strained yogurt with cucumber, fresh mint and garlic
  • BOREK Suitable for Vegetarians Filo pastry triangles stuffed with feta cheese and spinach
  • MAYDANOZ SALATASI (TABBOULEH) Suitable for Vegetarians MAYDANOZ SALATASI (Tabbouleh) Finely chopped parsley and mint tossed with tomatoes, onions, bulgur wheat, olive oil, lemon juice
  • ZEYTINYAGLI PATLICAN Suitable for Vegetarians ZEYTINYAGLI PATLICAN Aubergine cooked in olive oil with tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and chickpeas
  • HELLIM Suitable for Vegetarians HELLIM Grilled halloumi cheese, served with houmous and salad
  • PATLICAN EZME (BABA GANOUSH) Suitable for Vegetarians PATLICAN EZME (Baba Ganoush) Grilled aubergines pureed with tahini, garlic, olive oil and Anatolian yogurt
  • KALAMAR KALAMAR Lightly battered squid rings served with a rose infused sweet-sour sauce
  • KISIR Suitable for Vegetarians Contains Nuts KISIR Fine bulgur wheat salad with spring onions, tomato sauce, dill, herbs, crushed walnuts and hazelnuts
  • FALAFEL Suitable for Vegetarians FALAFEL Deep-friedMediterranean style chickpea and broad bean patties, served with houmous
  • DOMATES SOSLU KOFTE Lamb meatballs cooked with fresh tomatoes, leeks, new potatoes and peppers

(A vegetarian option is available with PATATES KOFTE  and KASARLI MANTAR as replacements)

Suitable for Vegetarians , Contains Nuts
Please inform your server if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements.
A discretionary service charge of 13,5% will be added to your bill • VAT included • Minimum of 2 people